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📅 Date: September 23 – December 18, 2022
🕒 Opening hours:
- Fridays: 8 p.m.
- Saturdays: 7 p.m.
⏳ Duration: approx. 2 hours and 45 minutes. Please arrive 30 minutes before the start of the show, late entry is not permitted
📍 Location: The Hollywood Majestic
👤 Age requirement: 13+ recommended
♿ Accessibility: the venue is ADA compliant
❓ Please consult the FAQs of this experience here
✔️ Safety measures will be in place throughout the experience

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Angel Cast (Fridays)

JJOANNE: Virginia Vass, MAUREEN: Joelle Tshudy, MARK: Jewell Valentin, ROGER: Nicholas Teixera, MIMI: Natalie Luna, COLLINS: Tristan J. Shuler, ANGEL: Kevin Corte, BENNY: Trae Adair, MRS. COHEN: Renée Cohen, PAM: Amber France, STEVE/THE MAN: Jeff Blim, GORDON: Dalton Weaver, SQUEEGEE/RESTAURANT MAN: Nikk Alcaraz, MR. JEFFERSON: Jaquon Solomon, PAUL: Lionel Ruff, ALEXI DARLING: Kyra Waters

Benny Cast (Saturdays)

JOANNE: Amber France, MAUREEN: Renée Cohen, MARK: Dalton Weaver, ROGER: Jeff Blim, MIMI: Kyra Waters, COLLINS: Jaquan Solomon, ANGEL: Nikk Alcaraz, BENNY: Lionel Ruff, MRS. COHEN: Joelle Tshudy, PAM: Virginia Vass, STEVE/THE MAN: Nicholas Teixera, GORDON: Jewell Valentin, SQUEEGEE/RESTAURANT MAN: Kevin Corte, MR. JEFFERSON: Tristan  J. Shuler, PAUL: Trae Adair

SWINGS/COPS: Annie Claire Hudson, Amaya J, Caleb Rogers, Kevin Stafford

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"Best version of the show I’ve ever seen. This is exactly how it was meant to be. AMAZING."

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