Cupcake's Home is at: 


The Hollywood Majestic 

671 N Berendo Street 

Los Angeles, CA, 90027


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In order for the Cupcake Theater to continue to put on spectacular shows and performances, we accept any and all donations. Your donations are used to invest in quality props and costumes, set designs, hiring the most talented directors and choreographers, and paying our amazing performers. Ticket sales only make up a small portion of our income, and therefore your support is invaluable to us. If you receive any value from our Cupcake performances, we hope that you return the value in whatever way you can.

Contributions of your time are as valuable to the Cupcake Theater as any monetary donation. If you have a talent or service you think could be a valuable addition to the Cupcake Theater (such as graphic design, set construction, data management, or many others), please contact us, by completing the short form below and a member of our team will contact you.